What is Neo-Humanist Education

The neo-humanist education system is based on and dedicated to the holistic growth development of children throughout their educational years.

From an early age, it encourages the child to feel love and respect for all, regardless of culture, race, religion and nationality and to extend this love and respect to animals, plants and their environment.

The neo-humanist curriculum aims to foster the individual development of all aspects of the child’s being: physical body and senses, emotions, intellect, creativity and finally spiritual development through acknowledgments of the child’s inner strength and beauty, positive language, community service activities and interaction with nature.

There are over 850 nurseries, kindergartens and primary schools around the world, that implement this educational philosophy on a non-profit basis.

Curriculum and Teaching methods

The teaching methods at Sunrise are based on a child-centered approach to education, which caters to each child’s individual interests and learning styles. While our pre-school curriculum includes an academic program, our main focus is to provide the necessary environment and educational choices to help the children develop and expand their own interests and unique talents. We also strongly emphasize “learning by doing” and support the children in making their own choices, individually and as a group.

The main areas of teaching include physical development and movement through drama, music, dance, outdoor activities and yoga, intellectual development through knowledge and understanding of the world, math, language and communication, social, emotional and personal development through problem solving, interaction in circle time, group projects and daily routines, creative development through music, arts and crafts and drama.


Since development, intellectual as well as emotional, respect for others and the environment make up the main pillars of our teaching, we have incorporated them into themes that run like common threads through our school year as well as our teaching methods.

A few such themes could be winter, space, earth, plants, animals, myself, my family, traffic and cultures of the world. These themes are incorporated in the daily life of the students through projects, books, counting, writing, singing etc.

Literacy program

The aim of the Sunrise literacy program, also known as “ Once upon a time” is to strengthen the children’s skills in all aspects of emergent literacy: listening, speaking, reading and writing.

Our goal is to give each child optimal opportunities to have successful experiences in the learning process and to develop positive attitudes towards literacy.

The environment is encouraging, non–competitive, differentiated and fun. We incorporate  Jolly Phonics combined with library trips, story telling, letter games and creative play.