Sunrise International Preschool in Hellerup north Copenhagen offers a fun and educational program for children ages 2 to 6 in English. By creating a safe and nurturing environment in beautiful surroundings we hope to open children’s hearts and minds to the unlimited experiences in the world around them.

Based on the principles of neo-humanist education we seek to instill in the children an appreciation and respect for other people, animals and the environment.

The children at Sunrise are truly young citizens of the world and as such we aim to give them the tools to journey out into their futures with self-confidence and respect for themselves as well as for others.


We would like to thank you so much for all the great work that Sunrise does with our children. If all the children in the world would have the privilege to have such a great pre-school like Sunrise, this world would be for sure a greater place. Thank you for all the engagement, values, love and perfect teachers/staff that supported our children during these wonderful years.

If we had to do a recommendation to do changes, we would say, keep doing it in the same inspiring marvelous way that you are do it today, do not change a bit!

 We will always have a big space in our hearts reserved for all the lovely memories/people that we will carry forever during our lives wherever we will be.

Mafalda and family, Copenhagen

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Children’s art work from recent exhibition. Click to view more.