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Sunrise International Preschool in Hellerup north of Copenhagen offers a fun and educational program for children ages 16 months to 6 years old in English. By creating a safe and nurturing environment in beautiful surroundings we hope to open children’s hearts and minds to the unlimited experiences in the world around them. The children at Sunrise are truly young citizens of the world and as such we aim to give them the tools to journey out into their futures with self-confidence and respect for themselves as well as for others.

While our pre-school curriculum includes an academic program, our main focus is to provide a nurturing environment with ample educational opportunities that help children develop and expand their own interests and unique talents. We also strongly emphasize “learning by doing” and support the children in making their own choices, both individually and as a group.




Nursery for children between 16 months to 3 years old.



Preschool for children from 3 to 6 years old.

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Come and meet us and see our beautiful building and let us tell you all about our days, the academic program and the teachers. Simply book an available day in the calendar and we will be ready to show you around.

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About us

Our Philosophy

The Neo-Humanist education system is based on and dedicated to the holistic growth development of children throughout their educational years.

From an early age, it encourages the child to feel love and respect for all, regardless of culture, race, religion or nationality and to extend this love and respect to animals, plants and the environment.

The Neo-Humanist curriculum aims to foster the individual development of all aspects of a child’s being: their physical body and senses, emotions, intellect, creativity and finally spiritual development. This is achieved through acknowledgment of the child’s inner strengths and beauty, the use of positive language, and a focus on community service and interaction with nature.


Climbing tools, toys, reading material, plant nurseries or something else are added to the Sunrise house every year. 

Certified tutors

We have some great certified teachers working with us as well as pedagogues. Come and meet them yourself.

Lunch and snacks

The school provides a healthy and nutritious hot vegetarian lunch as well as equally healthy snacks and fruits in the mornings and afternoons.


The aim of the Sunrise activities, is to strengthen the children’s skills and personality and helping them to become valuable citizens of tomorrow.


A few such themes could be winter, space, earth, plants, animals, myself, my family, traffic and cultures of the world. These themes are incorporated in the daily life of the students through projects, books, counting, writing, singing etc.


Public transportation brings us to see theater, music, walk in nature or learn dancing moves outside of the premises. The world is big and full of fun and things to learn.

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Our Team

Meet our qualified staff

Some of our experienced staff has been with us for more than 10 years. They say it's because of the positive environment, the great friendship between the staff and the philosophy of the preschool. Our teachers are well educated in everything from literacy, child psychology, arts and crafts.

Our activities



Our cook Anju serves well balanced nutritious hot vegetarian lunches as well as equally healthy fruits in the morning and snack in the afternoon.

We focus on serving a wide variety of fresh, protein rich foods which are primarily organic and our children love the tasty international menus. 


Music, dance and visual art

Music, dance and visual art

Focus on the arts at Sunrise expands the mind, body and soul while developing the child as a creative thinker and self initiator. The Curriculum emphasizes all forms of performing and fine arts as a medium for personal growth, emotional connection, information processing, and reflection on learning.

We explore Music through singing in a group and explore our classroom cultural diversity through music, dance and songs. 

Visual Art is all about exploring colors including blending and brush stroke variation and learn shape and 3 dimensional spatial awareness through sculpture.

We hold an annual theater show and an art expo where the children have the opportunity to show off their work.



We aim to develop both children’s receptive and expressive language skills using activities, games, visual media, storytelling, role play, as well as arts and crafts.

Receptive language refers to the input of language and focuses on areas such as comprehension, listening skills, and following instructions.

Expressive language refers to the output of language and focuses on expanding vocabulary, and improving communication and oral language skills. Our literacy program uses Jolly Phonics to teach letters, sounds and phonemic awareness. 

Through Storytelling children increase their ability to maintain and contribute to a dynamic story line giving them the skills to becoming independent storytellers.



Each month, our Yoga Program develops children’s minds and bodies simultaneously. The program includes visualization techniques, mindfulness techniques and focus techniques for small children, and is geared to provide children with the foundations for a lifelong love of physical and mental exercise.

Yoga can be beneficial for children as it increases their flexibility and concentration and teaches them to relax and be aware of their body as well as promotes children’s vitality, character development, joy and direction of life.



Mathematics, geometry, spatial relationship and logical deduction are in focus through the cognitive arts. Children are provided with manipulatives to build skill through play and set tasks which strengthen developing cognitive ability.

Cognition skills are integrated in daily play and routine from Nursery School through games, puzzles, stories, movement and music.

In Preschool focus lies on geometry, construction and logic building as well as working with math concepts in lesson format and increased selection of board games.



The classrooms follow a schedule of themes, which take anywhere from four to six weeks to develop. Children work all aspects of their curriculum through contact with the themes, at an age appropriate level, covering different aspects of the theme topic. 

We plan regular field trips where children have the opportunity to explore themes in a real world setting for instance library, theater, dance and museum trips to name a few. 

In school events include Build a Heart Project, Singing for the Nursing Home, Theatre Show, Earth Day, Art Expo,Summer Party, Fastelavn (Danish Carnival), Celebration of Light.

Our prices

DKK5000 / Monthly

16 months - 3 years old

  • 8.00 am - 16.30 p.m.

    After subsidy - depending on your commune.

    Diapers are provided by the parents.
DKK420 / Hourly


  • Off-hours babysitting if the staff is available.

    Only for children of Sunrise.