Application Processing Fee (one time payment)

DKK 750. The fee is paid with the application form.

Enrollment fee (one time payment) 
  • First child DKK 10,500
  • Second child DKK 8,500

Payable within 7 days after acceptance of a place. Non-refundable.


One month’s advance deposit (refundable with three months notice) 


  • 14 to 18 months DKK 12.800*
  • 18 months to 3 years old DKK 10,300*
  • 3 years and up DKK 8,400*

*Before subsidy. Payable along with the enrollment fee.


School year fee 2020/2021


  • 14 to 18 months:
    • Monthly DKK 12.800
    • Monthly after subsidy approx. DKK 6.499
  • 18 months to 3 years old:
    • Monthly DKK 10.300
    • Monthly after subsidy approx. DKK 3.999
  •  3 years and up:
    • Monthly DKK 8.400
    • Monthly after subsidy approx. DKK 4.603

Annually: before the 1st of the starting month. 
Monthly: via automatic payment through the bank, before the 1st of each month.


Waiting list fee

DKK 750. The fee is paid for one year at the time.  


  • In the case of late payment of fees, a reminder will be sent out. Each reminder will incur a cost of 350 DKK.
  • In the case of late or consistent payment problems, a deposit may be required to cover the last months of contract in order to keep your child's spot.
  • Sunrise retains the right to terminate the contract in event of failure to pay the school's fees.
  • Sunrise does not offer part time spots. The parents will be charged the full week's fee regardless if the child comes for one day or for the full week. This policy also applies for school and public holidays.
  • If a spot was accepted by the parents, the parents will have to pay the monthly fee from the agreed starting day for a minimum period of the notice period. This is non-negotiable even in event that the spot is not taken up.


Subsidies from the Danish Kommune (municipality)

Sunrise International Preschool is registered with most of the municipalities in and around Copenhagen. This means that parents with CPR numbers (civil registration numbers) may be able to receive a subsidy/rebate. Please contact your own kommune to find out if you are indeed eligible for this subsidy.

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